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ANC Tipi/Sun

Apache Nugget Corporation

The Apache Nugget Corporation Headquarters is located within the WIld Horse Casino & Hotel facility in Dulce, NM. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. Phone: 575.759.3777. Our directory lists are department personnel who may assist you with any questions you may have.

Mission Statement

The Apache Nugget Corporation will create then operate for profit gaming and hospitality businesses which enhance the local economy and provides livelihood for the Nation's membership and community through training and employment opportunities and to explore and develop busniess opportunities on the reservation and outside of the boundaries and to adhere to the core values established and fostered by the Board of Directors of the Apache Nugget Corporation and the Legislative Council of the Jicarilla Apache Nation.

Core Values 

  • Perform all duties safely, legally, and ethically.
  • Protect and enhance our financial well-being.
  • Respect and care for the property and assets of the Apache Nugget Corporation.
  • Maintain a professional staff of the highest standards through continuous training and development.
  • Communicate positively about the Apache Nugget Corporation and the Jicarilla Apache Nation at all times.
  • Anticipate and exceed guests' expectations.
  • Treat each guest and employee as a member of our family, with respect, honesty, appreciation and concern.